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How To Keep Your Bread Fresh

How do you know you have a problem keeping your bread fresh? If one week after buying it, your bread can double up as a Frisbee (and a green one at that!)…then this article on how to keep your bread fresh is definitely for you!

The Obvious

Let’s get it out of the way right now: The first step to keeping your bread fresh is of course to get fresh bread in the first place! Make sure to look at the expiration date written on the package. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to dig down the shelf a bit, as fresh products are usually hidden behind the older ones in supermarkets. Finally, you can give the bread a little squeeze to make sure it’s nice and soft.

Don’t buy preservative-filled bread just because it keeps longer! As you’re about to see, there are other ways to preserve your bread without sacrificing healthy ingredients.

The Breadbox

Breadboxes are usually made of wood, metal or plastic and represent a good solution to our problem. It gives bread an extra 2 to 3 days by maintaining good moisture levels and air circulation. For better results, wrap a towel around your bread inside the breadbox.


A Plastic Breadbox

Wooden boxes are said to be better when maintaining the freshness of your bread, but wood can also trap the moisture from the surrounding air, causing condensation and hastening the growth of mold inside your box.

In the Fridge

It’s true that putting bread in the refrigerator will usually delay molding, but beware because sometimes this can do the exact opposite! If even a small amount of moisture is trapped in the package, this popular method will actually accelerate mold formation.

After taking your bread out of the fridge, it’s recommended that you put it over a source of gentle heat, allowing it to soften.


Freezing your bread is probably the best method as it will almost perfectly preserve its freshness.

If you’ve opened your bread package already, place it inside any airtight Ziploc/plastic container bag before storing it inside your freezer. When you’re ready to enjoy your bread’s delicious freshness just thaw it at room temperature and then heat it inside your oven (or toaster) for ten minutes.

Of course you can also just take it out of the freezer the night before and let it unfreeze at room temperature overnight.


  • Normaly bread have 3-4 days shelf life tips given by you would for sure enhance shelf life .thnks for the tips

  • Jennifer Gould

    looking for where I could purchase that clear, sliding bread box for my mother