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Great Recipes Begin with the Pizza Crust

No matter what toppings you use, if you start your pizza with a tough, tasteless crust, it’s not going to be any good. And what’s the use of healthy food that no one wants to eat? Lahvash Wraps from Brooklyn’s famous Damascus Bakeries make the perfect foundational pizza crust for all your classic pizza recipes.

Here is a highly rated recipe for Taco Pizza, a favorite of teenagers everywhere. It’s made with common ingredients that you are likely to have on hand already: ground beef, taco seasoning, refried beans, cheddar, chips, lettuce, tomatoes — and classic Lahvash Wraps — so that feeding hungry people on a moment’s notice is a snap. Also, it may be customized with no loss of flavor; one reviewer says that her family prefers it without the beans but with sour cream on the side.

pizza crusts flat bread pita lahvash mozzarella lahvash

From a delicious lahvash wrap to an healty pizza!

There have to be a thousand recipes for Chicago-style pizza floating around, but this is one of the best we’ve seen. Thick with Italian sausage, mozzarella, Parmesan, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and spices, a slice of this pizza will satisfy the fiercest appetites. We like one reviewer’s suggestion to buy block Parmesan and grate it immediately prior to use for a fresher taste.

Here is a twist on the classic pepperoni pizza that tweaks our interest: a Pepperoni, Onion, and Olive Pizza. The surprises come in the use of a marinara sauce (rather than tomato paste) and sweet onions. Some diners may prefer green olives to the black shown in the photo. One reviewer notes that the shredded cheese tends to melt too quickly, so you may want to buy block cheese and slice it. All of the reviewers mention how little preparation time this recipes requires, so you needn’t fear trying it for your busiest weekday dinner.

We hope you find these recipes worth trying. If you discover new ways to use Damascus Bakeries breads in your meals, please let us know!

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