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Damascus Bakeries, home to the Original Pita, serves delicious satisfaction through our line of artisanal flat breads.

Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Damascus has been pleasing customers for 84 years. With grandsons Ed and Dave Mafoud at the helm, old-world traditions and new-world technology provide the perfect recipe for our extensive bakery line of pitas, lahvash wraps, paninis, flat bread roll-ups, and pizza crusts.

While state-of-the-art machines offer speed and consistency, Grandpa would be proud that our quality and taste have never been compromised. We know bread, love bread, and were instilled with a passion for bread-making at an early age.

With our parents and grandfather as our mentors, we take our craft – our art – very seriously. We also realize that you are our customer, so we’ve adapted flexible product lines, customizing new flavors, textures, and sizes based on your feedback.

At Damascus Bakeries, crafting delicious, healthy breads is what we’re passionate about. Together, we bake the bread!


Mission Statement

We Work Healthy, Bake Healthy, and Grow Healthy by Partnering with ourSuppliers, our Employees, and our Community to CONTINUOUSLY Create Value for our Customers!


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