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Damascus Bakeries first opened its doors in 1930 by our (maternal) grandfather. The bakery, nestled in the heart of a Middle Eastern community in downtown Brooklyn, was named after Grandfather’s childhood home in Syria. He was the neighborhood bread-maker, living above the bakery, and starting his day long before sunrise. He was passionate. He was an artist. He made delicious Syrian bread (Pita bread). And, he was the community’s best kept secret for many years.

Some 30 years later, our father entered the business with new dreams. Dad wanted to put Damascus flat breads on every dinner table, which meant the introduction of automation and marketing ethnic breads into mainstream America. He purchased equipment and made the necessary adjustments himself to ensure quality with increased mass production. In 1969, Damascus Bakeries started shipping its line of pita breads to restaurants and markets nationwide. Thanks to Dad’s efforts, Damascus was able to expand our geographic reach and our growing fan base without compromising taste or quality.

Today, our processes and automated procedures are extensive; however, we remain very hands-on. We haven’t lost “touch” of the artisan quality and work closely with our equipment manufacturers to guarantee we have the best tools in place to create the most delicious breads.

Damascus Bakeries is part of our family. We were born into it. Our grandfather started it, our mother grew up in it, our father married into it, and we were essentially raised in its kitchen. Our passion derives from their passion. For us, bread is a labor of love and food is very emotional. Thank you for breaking bread with us.