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Quality Assurance

Damascus Bakeries is a customer-driven company, where quality equals customer satisfaction. How do we do that? We are committed to the highest level of Food Safety Standards and quality assurance, and ensure that our products remain consistent. As a result, we have maintained our long history of excellence and customer satisfaction by adhering to high quality standards. What began as a passion for baking delicious flat breads and pita has expanded into a business that continues to strive at producing quality product that is also Kosher (certified through Orthodox Union).

sq-famFood Safety

Our bakery maintains Superior and Excellent ratings with the following government and third party food safety auditing bodies: FDA, New York State Department of Agriculture Division of Food Safety and Inspection, American Institute of Baking (AIB), Silliker, and Food Safety Solutions.

Damascus Bakeries extends this high level of excellence to its vendors by requiring them to be HACCP compliant (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System). A food-safe product begins with quality ingredients. That said, we choose vendors who implement sound Quality Assurance Programs where the focus is on good manufacturing practices, and achieving high Food Safety audit ratings. Our Supplier Certification Program requires them to provide documentation to support these practices and standards.


Part of our insurance to delivering quality and consistency begins with regular process monitoring by our Quality Assurance Manager. But we also believe that Quality is everyone’s responsibility, and we empower all of our Operators / Packaging crew to act as Quality Control Technicians.

Finally, we use Statistical Process Control tools to help ensure consistent products throughout the year.

We are proud of our facility and the bread products we produce. To learn more about our bakery, please click video link on the side.