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Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crusts and Breadsticks

Rooted in Tradition, With a Uniquely Modern Appeal

Brooklyn and pizza go hand-in-hand which is why we’re excited to unveil a new line of flat bread pizza crusts, bistro flats, and flatbread sticks that bring the Brooklyn style directly to your kitchen.

Our products are the culmination of 84 years and three generations of baking the very best in heritage breads, and we’re continuing that legacy with our newest Brooklyn Bred products.


brooklyn bred pizzaThe Brooklyn Bred crusts and breadsticks are ready to top. Simply add your favorite ingredients, whatever they may be, and create the pizza or flatbread you love.

The Brooklyn Bred flat breadsticks can be topped and then separated, similar to traditional flatbread pizza, or placed straight in your family’s bread basket.

As well as being used for pizzas, the Brooklyn Bred flatbreads are also perfect for sandwiches.

Whatever you like goes with Brooklyn Bred—Brooklyn Bred pizza crusts are ideal for creating a delicious meal for the family or for entertaining.


brooklyn bred breadsticksAt Damascus we remain dedicated to using only top-quality, all-natural ingredients and preparation techniques for each of our products, and that holds true for the Brooklyn Bred line.

Our original recipe is made from 00 Flour, which is the softest, most refined flour available

All crusts and breadsticks are made with non-GMO ingredients.

Ancient grains products are made with organic Khorasan flour, with a nutty, artisanal flavor and full of vitamins and minerals

All of our flatbreads and breadsticks are highly fermented, ensuring each bite is light, while remaining crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.


brooklyn bred sandwichBrooklyn is known for its long tradition of pizza-making, and Brooklyn Bred captures this rich history.

Damascus Bakery has been creating the very best breads in Brooklyn since 1930, and we’ve now taken our knowledge of what it takes to create beautifully-crafted, fresh, delicious bread and utilized it to bake authentic pizza and breadsticks.

It’s now possible to get a true taste of Brooklyn, in the form of ready-to-eat crusts and breadsticks.

Crust is the foundation of any great pizza, and we’ve perfected that foundation. Visit Brooklyn Bred to find out more about our exciting new flat bread pizza crusts, bistro flats and flatbread sticks.


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