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Healthy Living

No more guilty bread conscience!

Ever think it was possible to eat great tasting bread and not feel guilty?

When it comes to healthy living and bread, the two don’t seem to go together. Here at Damascus we don’t think you should have to avoid great-tasting breads and sandwiches to stay healthy. We provide the solution to your problem, a healthy, appetizing alternative: flat bread. Because we don’t believe in choosing between your appetite and your health.

With Damascus breads you can have it all…

  • Mouth-watering
  • Delicious
  • HEALTHY breads

Our pitas, roll-ups, wraps, and panini will delight your taste buds and your waistline We challenge you, picky eaters of America, to try our flat bread options.  We know we can satisfy not only your waistline but your appetite as well!

Buy for the benefits, react to the taste.



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