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Pita Bread

The Original Flatbread

Our grandfather was the neighborhood baker, after coming to Brooklyn from Damascus. He became known for creating wholesome, fresh, hearth-baked pita bread, using a traditional Old World recipe.

He would bake each and every delicious batch of pita bread by hand, and he soon became a neighborhood favorite.

Since 1930, and through three generations we’ve been continuing our grandfather’s legacy of delivering the very best pita bread, giving us a reputation for providing “America’s Original Pita.”

Innovative and Old-Fashionedpita

Innovative and old-fashioned may not be two words that typically go hand-in-hand, but at Damascus Bakeries, that’s just what we are.

We still make our grandfather’s original pita recipe, putting heart and soul into each batch, but we’re also always on the lookout for new innovations that will better serve our customers’ needs.

We build on our legacy and tradition of excellence, and will help you customize your pita bread to your exact specifications.

Our pita options are extensive—for a richer, more complex flavor we’ve included additions like sesame, onion and garlic to some of our recipes, and we also have mini-pitas, perfect for smaller portions.

Hearty, Healthy Grains

Pita is a light bread option, with an optimal taste and texture. It’s full of healthy grains, and has a fraction of the carbs of not only other types of bread, but also other brands of pita.

You can also try our even lower carb product, with only 10g per serving, but still with a deep, robust flavor and texture.

Pita provides the opportunity to not only enjoy wholesome bread, but also to remain health-conscious. It’s an ideal combination for the discerning customers in the foodservice industry.

Embrace Versatility

The beauty of pita bread lies not just in its taste, but in its versatility. We continue to use authentic, artisanal ingredients and baking methods, but our delicious pitas provide you with a palette to create unique menu items.

Our pita products have a rich flavor, yet are delicate enough to provide the perfect backdrop for whatever you want to include.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Contact us—we’re in the business of customization. We’ll work with you, side-by-side, to create that perfect pita product.

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