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Healthy Indulgence

It’s no secret—in the sandwich world, thin is in. That’s why we’ve created a full line of flatbread roll-ups that have it all—they’re traditionally baked using our grandfather’s techniques, yet they’re innovative, full of flavor and nutritious.

All-Natural and Full of Flavor roll-ups

At Damascus Bakery, we’ve built on our grandfather’s flatbread-making techniques, brought here from the Old World, and perfected them through the generations.

Our all-natural roll-ups are a reflection of that dedication to remaining true to tradition, while also embracing innovation.

These flatbread roll-ups are made from only the very best, natural ingredients, yet they’re full of aroma and flavor, as bread is meant to be.

Enjoying Bread Without the Guilt

Good bread is the foundation of any great meal, and roll-ups allow you to savor that comforting feeing of tasting fresh, hearty bread, without the guilt.

Our roll-ups are a thin alternative to run-of-the-mill, ordinary bread.

They’re not just rich in flavor—they’re also packed with fiber, heart-healthy grains, and protein. The only things they’re lacking in are carbs and calories.

Dress them Up, Or Down

The beauty of our Damascus roll-ups, aside from their unparalleled taste and artisan quality, is their versatility.

From breakfast to dinner, and everything in between, these roll-ups can complete any meal or snack, and they’re great for creating on-the-go menu items for today’s demanding food service customer.

We offer a comprehensive range of flavors and types of roll-ups, but if you still don’t see what you need, we’ll make it.

Let Damascus Bakery become your partner in the quest to create the perfect flatbread. Contact us.

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